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One on One Sessions for Children & Adults

I'm on Zoom doing private lessons in the following areas:

  • ACTING: Is your child preparing for an audition or do they just want to improve their acting technique?  I do one-on-one monologue coaching.  I'll help them to choose a monologue and walk them through the process of understanding their character and honing their performance skills.

  • DANCE: Do you want to improve your dance technique with one-on-one coaching?  I can work with you online to correct your form and alignment, walking you through exercises aimed at building strength, placement and flexibility.  I'm available to do this work with children and adults.  It's a perfect supplement to group dance classes you may already be taking.

  • SPANISH: ¿Quieres hablar el español?  If you want to learn the Spanish language or just improve your rusty language skills, I'm available for tutoring and/or conversation practice for children and adults.  I'm a fully licensed Spanish teacher and have tons of tricks up my sleeve to help you improve your skills, vocabulary, grammar and fluency.

If you are interested in any of these types of lessons,  contact me here.