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Adult Dance Classes
Thursdays 6:45-8:15 PM EST (In-person & virtual) OR Videos Available

Thursdays I'm teaching Beginner Modern through Mark Morris Dance Center.  It's a hybrid class with remote and in-person spots.  

Click here to sign up:

If you're out of NYC or just not ready to come back into the studio, I also have 26 videos available for purchase.  These videos are full 90-minute Zoom classes with a warm-up and a phrase set to music.  For info about the videos I have available, email me at

Zoom & Backyard Theatre Classes for Kids
Hire Me to Teach a Theatre Class designed for your child and their friends!
Do your kids want a weekly improv class just for fun?  Do they want to make up their own play and perform it on Zoom?  Do they want to make a movie where we edit clips together?  I can do it all.  Contact me and we can set up the class the way that works best for your group!
Spanish Lessons
Spanish Lessons for Children or Adults

Want to become bilingual or expose your kids to the Spanish language?  I hold a permanent certification in the state of New York to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language.  I'm teaching Zoom classes right now to groups and individuals using lots of fun games and visuals.  Get in touch, and we can customize the class to the age and level of the participants!

To learn more or discuss setting up lessons or classes, let's talk >>
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